My I.C.E. Plan (in case of emergency) is home inventory and family emergency planning software that is easy to use and makes creating a home inventory fun. Additionally you can create a what to do "in case of emergency" plan for your family and pets should a diaster strike your home or area. Print emergency wallet cards containg meeting places and medical data . You can use My I.C.E. Plan software anywhere without having to re-install the software. Just copy the My I.C.E. Plan folders from your orginal installation drive to any other media such as a thumb drive, external hard dive, CD disk, zip drives, floppy disks or any other computer and use. No re-installing or re-activation needed!

All insurance companies will suggest keeping track of your items in your home. And for good reasons, it benefits both you and the insurance company to quickly and fairly settle claims. Some people may think that they know of everything they own. Wrong answer. Some would also think that it is better not create an inventory of your items. Again, wrong answer. Doesn't make much sense not to specifically know what you own, how much it cost you to buy and where it is stored. This would only delay your claim.

Local, State, Federal and other agencies will advise you to prepare for a disaster that may strike you or your community. Just do an internet search and see for yourself. Search disaster planning via Google or emergency planning or better yet search this weeks disasters.

Ask your self these questions:

   Can I provide an itemized list of everything I own to my insurance agent?

   How much did I spend over the years in home furnishings both large & small     items?

   Where will we live if our home is destroyed?

   Will my spouse and children know where to meet in time of confusion?

   Do I have a plan to evacuate pets?

   Does each family member know who to call? (people & helpful agencies)

Use the "family emergency planning" section to create family emergency plans:

   Create two plans - Plan A & Plan B (print medical cards, keep images and     movies of docs, much more! )

   Create a main and alternate emergency plan for pets and other livestock.

   Create emergency kit(s) & maintain its contents.

       My ICE Plan will tell you when kit items need replacing.

       My ICE Plan also contains links to many disaster agencies in the U.S. And         Canada. Add to the list with your own data.

       Create a "call list" of important contacts including photos of contact!

       Import your Outlook/Outlook Express contacts.

       Print All button prints every thing is the system!

       Easily create an inventory of your home.

Moving? Spring Cleaning? Worried your insurance coverage is too low?

   Use a home inventory to help you pack and track items

   Easily move items in the database from location to location.

   Get a better price from moving companies because you have a good record of     what needs to be moved.

   Get a more precise coverage for insurance.

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