PayPal: Buy My ICE Plan Professional

Purchase a license key for My  I.C.E Plan Professional to unlock all features.

Note: If you have not already downloaded My ICE Plan then please click now to download the trial version and install the software. The software can only be purchased via a download. The activation key turns the Trial version into a full unlocked version.

An email will be sent to you using the email address you used to purchase My I.C.E. Plan.

The email will contain instructions on using your activation key. Once you activate the software you can then copy the full version and use the software on as many computers as you would like. There is no license restrictions.


We use the email and address info you provide during the purchase to create your activation key. You name is embedded in the software and all reports. Only your First and Last Name is embedded. You can add your spouse and or other names within the setup screen so more than one name will display on the reports. Report address will use the address of the properties that you setup with in the setup screens and the Edit Locations screens.

No refunds once a key has been emailed. So please try before you buy.


For a limited time only

All transactions are secure via PayPal.

We do not process any data regarding the sale.

You do not need a PayPal account. You can pay as a PayPal Guest.


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